Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Church of the Celestial Heart, its founders, staff, and members are committed to practice and serve in ways that cultivate harmony, unity, and compassion. The following code of ethics is offered as a living document that grows and expands, adapting to the ongoing evolution of the Church and the feedback of its community. This code of ethics results from following the teachings of our doctrine and the wisdom that comes from the practice itself.

  1. Our guiding principle in our work is following the presence of harmony. Any actions, words, or expression offered within the work of the Church is guided by the hand of harmony. We humbly ask to be instructed if we act out of harmony, bring about disturbance, or challenge others. 

    From our Medium’s Creed / Prayerful Heart:
    I ask that if I make mistakes or if I am unaware of acting in disharmony, please God, inspire others to instruct me and bring this to my attention. I ask that you give me the humility to accept correction and even criticism so I can keep on shining within this light.
    This core principle means that all participants are willing to accept the guidance and instruction from the facilitator of the ceremony or guardians regarding their actions and behavior within the work. Our responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants comes above all else.

  2. Integrity and Transparency in all forms of communication is one of our highest values. We commit to strive and learn how to express ourselves with utmost truth and integrity, learning to stand in our weakness if we make mistakes or act without awareness. We believe that the ability to stand in our weakness is a great spiritual power and allows us to evolve without the need to defend or recoil.
    My Word is My Bond – as we understand that words create reality and that we have the power to undo our karmic debts, we stand for truth and the utmost integrity in thought, word, and action. We aspire to live in full transparency, speaking nothing but the truth and committing to strive and make amends where we have acted otherwise.

  3. As we drink our sacrament, and as our doctrine teaches, we experience that we are spirit-soul having a human, material experience. This understanding allows us to relate to others with disregard to their race, gender, color, shape, and sexual orientation. We relate to equality, compassion, and love to all beings as our guiding light and foundational teaching.

  4. Drinking our sacrament is an act of trust and surrender. While the force of the sacrament is present, we are found in a highly suggestive state. Due to this reason, we commit to never take advantage of others, whether emotionally, sexually, mentally, financially, spiritually, or physically, before, during, or after our ceremonies.

  5. During the ceremonies themselves, if there is any form of healing to occur, direct permission and consent are required. Healers and mediums within the Church of the Celestial Heart are required to follow this requirement and ask for verbal permission when they approach a person for healing or any kind of touch. Due to the fact participants are found in a suggestive state, it is recommended that healers offer to heal within their own gender. Healing or mediumistic passes can be offered by trained members of the church only.

  6. As we enter ceremony, we all agree to complete confidentiality. Committing not to share any details of other participants and their experience within the work. It is essential to create a safe environment for participants to experience themselves without a need to censor or hold back.

  7. In the case of conflict, our sacrament teaches us to strive to find forgiveness. We believe that we all act, at times, out of harmony and out of disconnection or fear. As we choose to walk this path of spiritual evolution and healing, we do what we can to find forgiveness within our hearts. We follow the saying, though forgiveness cannot change the past, it is guaranteed to change the future.

    From the Prayer of Forgiveness / Prayerful Heart
    My dearest friend, we have both participated knowingly or unknowingly in hurting each other. Let us find a new form of connection -- a prayerful dialog, elevating one another, appreciating, and celebrating our differences.
  8. Conscious Effort or Conscious Action - to truly accept the teachings found within this work is to integrate and bring them back into our lives. The concept of conscious effort means that we strive to be stewards of healing and transformation, teaching first and foremost by example, giving in generosity, and living life as an active participant in the healing process of Mother Earth. Doing all we can to recycle, live sustainably, be conscious of our waste and consumption, and offer kindness and compassion to our brothers and sisters.

  9. Gratitude – Drinking our sacrament brings about a profound healing and a sense of purpose. We strive to offer our gratitude to Mother Earth and the Divine beings who have been involved in providing us with this invaluable opportunity to heal. We strive to live with gratitude for each and every moment of this precious life and do all we can to be in service to others, to the Divine Plan, and to Mother Earth.