Our Schedule

Our Schedule

Wed. 3/4


Arrival to Rio, and being welcomed at our hotel, we will have a vegetarian (with vegan options) dinner waiting for us, we’ll settle in and prepare for the incredible retreat ahead of us.

Thu. 3/5


1:00pm – Ceremony at Arca – Presentation of methodology, history and Master Narasimha Deva

Fri. 3/6

10:00am – Christ the Redeemer, Corcovado Mountain

7:30pm – Psychic and Spiritual Self-Protection Workshop by Robson Madredeus

Sat. 3/7


9:00am – Workshop Introduction to Living Food by Luciana Amorim

1:00pm – Arca Ceremony: We will continue to talk about the mission of Arca, initiatory tips and other mysteries.

Sun. 3/8

  Day Off

Morning and afternoon are off Can be used for appointments and massages, hiking or shopping.

6:00pm – Astral Projection Workshop by Marcelo Galvan

Mon. 3/9


10:00am – Meeting of the Orixas: Oxum and Iemanjá lead by Bruno Balthazar, with typical foods related to these Orixas, in a Park in Ipanema + day at beach.

07:00pm: Celestial Heart Ceremony – Oxum, Iemanjá, Archangels Raphael and Raziel

Tue. 3/10


10:00am – Elixir of Crystals – Workshop about healing waters and crystals by Raquel Salomão

6:00pm – Rune Healing Experience by Robson Madredeus Carvalho

Wed. 3/11


11:00: Breathing and Chi Kung, lead by Ronen Divon

1:00pm: Arca Ceremony

Thu. 3/12


9:00am – Meeting the Orixas – Oxossi and Obaluaiê class with Bruno Balthazar, with typical foods related to these Orixas, at the waterfall in
the Tijuca Forest.

07:30pm –  Sound healing session with Carlos Pinheiro

Fri. 3/13


Free Morning

1:00pm – Celestial Heart Ceremony, dedicated to Obaluaiê, Oxossi and Archangel Michael.

Sat. 3/14


1:00pm – Our closing Arca Ceremony, this is the day of the animals, and so we will celebrate our spirit animals and St. Francis and ceremonially close our retreat.

Sun. 3/15


Final Sharing Circle and Goodbyes, we will have our final lunch and start our journey home.

The Workshops

The Workshops

Psychic and Spiritual Self-Protection

Robson Madredeus Carvalho

Fri. 3/6 at 7:30pm

Energy protection is as important as cleaning your hands or brushing your teeth. We are subject to energy attacks when we attend a therapy session with a client, when walking an unknown street or visiting a “charged” environment, but with a few simple techniques you can go through all of the above without harm.
In this workshop we’ll discuss the symptoms of such attacks and energy intoxicants, how we can clean and protect ourselves from heavy energy, how to identify negative energy and activate our personal guardians for our protection and for the protection of the places we inhabit.

Living Foods​

Luciana Amorim

Sat. 3/7 at 9:00am​

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Astral Projection or Extra-Physical Lucidity​

Marcelo Galvan​​

Sun. 3/8 at 6:00pm

The moment we get to sleep is actually an important moment of our day, it is the moment when we, as eternal spirits, let our physical bodies rest and take off in a short flight down the spiritual dimension – the extra-physical, our truest home. With a firm will and specified energy techniques, we can get these memories and considerably increase our perception of the world by perceiving ourselves as multidimensional beings in constant action in pursuit of our own evolution.

In this Workshop, Marcelo will also address the following topics:
• What is Astral Projection (its mechanism);
• The various plans of manifestation of consciousness;
• Astral projection as a self-knowledge tool;
• Energy and consciousness techniques that facilitate astral projection and as reminders of body experiences.

Meeting the Orixas

Bruno Balthazar

Mon 3/9 at 10:00am and Thu. 3/12 at 9:00am

The starting point of the “African-Brazilian Mythology and Nagô Thinking” is the mythological narrative that unites the individual with nature. What is a myth? A myth is a narrative of the origin of all things: The creation of the universe, the four elements, nature, human beings and the consequences of their actions; the invention of tools, the discovery of steel, work, war, love, life and death. Every culture is born of a myth. It’s narrative provides models for human behavior. The characters are the supernatural beings. The acknowledgement of new myths offers the possibility of discovering new patterns of behavior. The Afro-Brazilian myths are alive. Preserved by folk culture and the African Culture Houses. The characters of the Afro-Brazilian mythology are the Orixás. Each Orixá is an element of nature. In the mythical literature the orixás are presented in human form creating a powerful satire about humanity and it’s values. In this class we will dive deeper into the understanding and practice of how these powers relate to our medicine work and what we can learn from the different stories, rituals and offerings to these divine forces.

Elixir of Crystals

Raquel Salomão​

Tue 3/10 at 10:00am​

We will experience the physical and emotional benefits of the water element when it receives the first rays of the sun, enhancing the seven chakras with crystals.
We will look at how to prepare the crystal elixir in the daily routine and study the eight main crystals for the harmonization of the chakras.

Rune Healing

Robson Madredeus Carvalho

Tue 3/10 at 6:00pm​

Rune Healing is an energy harmonization work done with the use of Runes, ancient Nordic symbols of power. It also includes the chanting of the Galdrs –  the mantras of the Runes, elevating the frequency of the environment and activating cosmic energies, which can have a profound impact.

With Stadhagaldr or Rune Yoga, we activate the cosmic consciousness of the Runes in our bones and cells and then with the assistance of sounds and crystals, we’ll receive the higher frequencies of the Runic consciousness and the healing elves.

Sound Healing​

Carlos Pinhero

Tue 3/12 at 7:30pm​

Uniting knowledge used by healers for millennia in archaic societies (usually know as shamans) with the new findings of clinical music therapy, Sound healing as it’s currently understood has the power to tune and harmonize the being in your physical, mental and psychic bodies like an instrument. This therapy acts in a very subtle cellular level to reestablish  the natural harmony (homeostasis) of the body, as well as it’s rhythms and frequencies.
Our body has rhythm, a flow (metabolism), and a wholeness that just like an orchestra needs to be attuned.  With harmony, our bodies can produce a beautiful symphony, but without it we risk becoming noise. The sound therapy has the potential to change brain frequencies, decelerating neural activity and inducing a state of relaxation. When the brain enters this meditative state, the mind opens and healing processes can bloom, along with higher consciousness experiences.