March 4 – 15, 2020

Deposits and Payments

Deposits and Payments

Registration is now closed as we have reached our extended
max of 24 visitors and lots of enthusiastic Arcansis to welcome us in Arca.
Please break your payment down to three payments according to this time table
Deposit – $500 – no later than Dec 28, 2019
First Payment – no later than Jan 15, 2020
Last Payment – no later than Feb 10, 2020
(After Feb 10, it is Carnaval season and it would be impossible to do anything locally in Rio)…
It has taken us some time to figure out how to send deposits for the retreat, but we have finally been able to find a way to send money directly to Arca, which would be by using a direct bank wire transfer. Which is quite easy to do with most online banking services.
Here are the details for the transaction:
Bank Details:
Bank name: Caixa Economica Federal
Account Number: BR9800360305002110000258910P1
Agency Number: 0211
Recipient type: Business
Recipient information:

Recipient country: Brazil
Recipient name: Circulo Holistico Arca Da Montanha
Recipient nickname: Arca
Address: RUA ALICE 1447
City: Rio de Janeiro
Province/Region: Rio de Janeiro
Postal code: 22241020
Message to recipient: Your full name
CNJP / Recipient tax ID or identification number: 16877740000140
Recipient email address: [email protected]
Recipient phone number: 5521986747381

If you have an option of sending in US or in RS, chose the option that has the least fees. This differs from bank to bank, it is better to send RS if using Chase.
Sadly, most of the first round of deposits, using WorldRemit or Xoom, have been declined, there were however 3 transactions that did go through. Those of you who have not been cancelled, please reach out to me (Kai – [email protected]) and let me know so we can mark your payments in the system.
For everyone else, we ask that you wire $1,500, (deposit and first payment) as soon as possible, this has to be done before Jan 22. 
Once you have submitted your wire transfer, please email me and Maira at [email protected] with the transaction confirmation number so we can ensure it has arrived safely.
That’s it!
Thank you all for your patience and support, more updates and exciting news about the retreat will follow shortly!
Much love!
~ Kai and the Arcansis