About Arca da Montanha Azul

About Arca da Montanha Azul

Arca da Montanha Azul was born through an Ayahuasca vision in a ritual in the Amazon rainforest, in which a great circle composed by representatives of different religions and sacred traditions appeared holding hands, working to heal humanity and the planet. The messages, originally channeled in 1989 through chants and the intuitive instructions of the ceremony, anticipated decisively the dimensions of the methodology employed today, and resulted in the foundation of Arca in 1997. 

As a revolutionary ayahuasca tradition, Arca offers us a unique experience, not only in the incentive towards inter-religious dialogue and promotion of a borderless transreligiosity, but also due to its spiritual formation, which is both inter and transreligious at its core, without the hegemony of any tradition prevailing over others. 

It connects us through direct experience with the superior dimensions of the human soul, source of all religions, and reveals a method for the harmonious integration of the religious and cultural differences. This plays a decisive part in the agreement among people and the promotion of peace.

Our metaphor is that of Noah’s Ark, embracing all who identify with a universalist spirituality and reinforcing the connection of each one with the sacred tradition chosen by their hearts. We seek to preserve and protect the seeds of the teachings of good Traditions and Masters from different epochs, while drinking of these teachings.

The idea of a circle formed by the Divine Beings, the Goddess, in its different manifestations (Osiris, Brahman, Lao Tse, Jehovah, the Bhuddas, Christ, Allah, the Orixas, Tupã, for are many the names of God and it’s messiah), working together towards the same goal, universal peace.

This central and constant thought is the compass that orients our mission all time. We worship and summon the blessings of them all.